AMHS Members Play Key Roles in “Giro D’Italia” Musical Event

By Nancy DeSanti

Ennio Di Tullio and partner dance to “Vola Vola Vola.”
Credit: Mary Ann Re

On April 14, 2024, Casa Italiana was the site of a beautiful tribute to Italian music called “Giro d’Italia in 15 Canzoni.” Among the songs included were popular hits such as “Santa Lucia” from Campania and “Ciuri Ciuri” from Sicily, along with songs from many of the regions, from north to south. For Abruzzo, the choice was the very popular “Vola Vola Vola” and for Molise, it was “Rosabella del Molise.”
The concert was a continuation of the series begun several years ago by Father Ezio Marchetto with the “Songs of Migration.”
AMHS members played key roles in this wonderful musical event, which also included a lunch catered by Mama Lucia’s. Maria Marigliano was the organizer and director, Maria Fresco was the narrator, Sergio Fresco played the accordion and sang, Eileen Parise played the tambourine and flute, and Carmela Ventresca was among the singers. And people in the audience got on the dance floor too, including Ennio DiTullio, who was seen dancing to “Vola Vola Vola.”
To conclude the program, the audience enthusiastically joined in singing “L’Italiano,” the big hit by Toto Cotugno, who turned the song into an international sensation in 1983 and who passed away last year. It should be noted that Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni hailed Cotugno as “un vero Italiano,” and he was commemorated by heads of state of the United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and China.

May 2024

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